Ketra By Lutron

Natural Light Indoors - Human Centric Lighting


Natural light is dynamic. From dawn to dusk sunlight changes from a warm orange color to a vibrant blue. The human body has adapted to respond to these external cues to adjust your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is an internal clock which influences sleep/wake cycles, body temperature, metabolism, hormone release. Ketra's advanced lighting technology utilizes the home's geographic location to mimic the outdoor color temperature throughout everyday year round to create human centric lighting.  




Ketra Lighting Demo from Ketra on Vimeo.


Creative use cases for Ketra

  • Bedroom: Wake with the sun. Ketra can be programmed to mimic a sunrise at whatever time desired and can be accompanied by the rising of automated shades. This allows for a much calmer waking experience than the alternative buzzing of an alarm clock. 
  • Artwork: Highlight your collection! With Ketra lighting colors can be seen in the exact light the artist intended, which drastically enhances the visual experience.   
  • Closet/Dressing Room: Colors and materials react differently under different lighting. An outfit meant to be worn for a candlelit dinner will look dramatically different than it would at a Sunday brunch. Ketra creates the exact lighting environment intended for the experience to ensure that makeup and clothing are perfect for the event. 
  • Kitchen: Set the scene for any moment. Brighten your Kitchen with an energizing white light while cooking and then start dimming your space with a relaxing warm light for a romantic dinner. 
  • Office: Task lighting is essential for any work environment. Ketra can provide bright white light as it will make you alert and energized.  



Compliment your Ketra lighting with Lutron's automated shades. Create the perfect harmony of natural light in your space throughout the day.



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